Welcome to the SlowRiders Motorcycle Club of Maryland

This group was created to promote a safe, enjoyable riding experience for every rider, new or experienced.  We enjoy a slower pace, leisurely ride, where one can enjoy landscapes along our journeys.

We are a friendly group of intelligent, law abiding gentlemen, from various professions, and ethnically diverse.  Mostly around 55 years old or older and sharing a passion for riding.  Our group consists of various skill levels: new riders: riders returning from a long hiatus while they've been busy raising families: as well as riders who have been riding for decades.  You might even be retired from riding and are just looking for the friendship of fellow riders.

Our Riding Protocol

Are you an "extreme" rider?   Do you lay on the throttle in the twisties?  Do you feel physically and mentally challenged on every ride?  That's very cool.  How you ride when you're alone or with others is your business.  A group ride is NOT the time or place for self-indulgence.  It is the time to set aside your own riding preferences for the benefit, safety, and enjoyment of the group.  So when you ride with us, we expect you to adhere to our principles.

In addition to the typical MSF Group Riding and safety rules, participating in this group requires that you (and indicates your agreement to) follow our guiding principles:

1. The group leader will maintain a pace that is appropriate to the rest of the group

2. The lead rider will wait and reform the group at stop signs

3. Every rider will monitor the distance and adjust his speed to remain visible to the rider behind

4. Cardo Packtalks are used by the group to increase safety


Riding is only one dimension of the club experience.  Our members meet on Saturday mornings for breakfast whenever their schedules permit, throughout the year whether or not we intend to ride that day.  Members can participate in club dinners and picnics.  Wives and significant others are also invited and often attend.  Many of our members also enjoy relationships outside the club and have formed life-long friendships.


Membership is by invitation and voted on by the council made up by fifty percent of the membership.


Come to a Saturday morning ride and see if you’re a good fit for the group and we’re a good fit for you.  We meet at Brooklyn’s Deli in Potomac, MD off Fortune Terrace at 8:00 am for breakfast, and then leave for our ride.